We’re all ‘Waiting for Something Better’…

The current bush fires demonstrate the climate emergency intensifying and there has been discussion recently about the protest movement against government inaction on this issue not being inclusive of people from culturally diverse backgrounds. A new performance work by Geelong’s North Youth Theatre aims to redress this balance. The play, ‘Waiting for Something Better’, has been written and devised by emerging artists from eight different national and cultural backgrounds and it explores the growing impact of global heating on diverse communities.

‘Waiting For Something Better’ has been written by Sila Toprak, Alphonse Mulashe and emerging South Sudanese Australian writer Keak Joak, whose story of a man seeking the services of a witch doctor has been woven into a complex tale that moves from Africa to Amazonia and back home. The humour comes from the satirical absurdity of two homeless people watching the world collapse around them as they wait for something better to come along.

We were joined by cast members Sila Toprak and Nina Unitivero to talk about the play and the important messages it conveys.

‘Waiting for Something Better’ is on at Courthouse Youth Arts centre on December 13th and 14th at 7.30pm, and it’s free! Tickets for can be found at courthouse.org.au



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  1. Have seen some rehearsals for “Waiting for Something Better” – can see talented actors and clever script making for a fun thought provoking play. Its great to see such a diverse young group really getting into a wonderful script.

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