Jack Bayley explores elemental flow in his new show: Chaotica

Jack Bayley is a 96 year old artist with a philosophical approach to life that has led him into deep exploration of the forces of nature and the flow from chaos to order. Inspired by his wife of 71 years, he started painting over 25 years ago in a realist style but embraced abstract art when he worked with local artist Tibor Korn at the University of the Third Age. Using any materials he had available to him, he began exploring with acrylic paints and developed his unique style, which he describes as ‘soul paintings’, as he does not attempt to control the work, but allows the elements to act upon the media according to natural forces. He is often surprised and delighted by the effect. Jack’s work is both ethereal and earthy, and invites the viewer to delve into the many layers of the landscape.

Jack’s grandson Murray White has been a constant supporter of him and his work, and the current exhibition Chaotica is the result of Murray’s desire to get this work into the public eye and to honour his grandfather’s achievements.

Chaotica is on at the Rachinger Gallery in the Eastern Hub Geelong until November 30th – https://easternhub.org.au/rachinger-gallery/. Jack’s work can also be followed on Instagram – #jackbayleyartist

Jack and Murray came into the studio this week and we began by talking about the opening night of the exhibition, which attracted 120 people…



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  1. It was a wonderful experience for Grandpa Jack and I to come into the studio and talk to Kylie – thank you so much.

    There are still a few of Grandpa’s free minitues to give away for listeners that mention The Pulse 🙂

    On in Geelong until the end of the month (one week and one day!). Follow on Instagram @JackBayleyArtist


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