Stewart Reeve’s Chameleon visits the Potato Shed

Story by Jess Aiton. Photo by Ivan Kemp.

Off I skipped last week to see staunch shapeshifter Stewart Reeve perform his show Chameleon at the Potato Shed in Drysdale.

I was intrigued by the pitch.

I like chameleons and find their ability to adapt very interesting – as ultimately their identity is one which remains continually transient.

That is, they wouldn’t exist without morphing from who they are.

Stewart describes his voice as a “guitar pedal”.

And that’s exactly what his voice is – an instrument just as a musician would have.

Stewart has not only discovered this, but he dances within its versatility.

His audience was taken by the hand and led through a journey of sound – from lyrebirds, to Macy Gray, to Bunnings, to a Tim Curry rendition so spot on that it literally had the audience gasping.

What struck me was how engaged the audience were in his craft, and though it was a highly charged show, it was punctuated by tender moments with his family.

Also, I could not shake the sense that tougher moments in Stewart’s life had – over time – been polished to shine differently, through his love of entertainment and his passion for the stage.

And Stewart shines really bright.

Listen to Jess’ interview with Stewart Reeve below

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Chameleon is one of many shows playing at the Potato Shed in 2023.

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