Geelong Gallery’s ‘The Moon’ exhibition is out of this world!

 20 July 2019 marks the 50th anniversary of the first Moon landing. Geelong Gallery exhibition,The Moon has been programmed to coincide with this significant milestone, and brings together artistic responses to the celestial body that orbits the Earth. 

For centuries artists from many cultures have been inspired by the Moon, the most prominent feature of our night sky. The Moon includes historical works created when the Moon could only be viewed from afar, works from the era of the 1960s space race, and more contemporary responses informed by the imagery and scientific knowledge acquired through space exploration as well as diverse references from popular culture.

Just as the Moon itself can be viewed from multiple vantage points from the Earth, works in the exhibition will be located throughout the galleries. Links with literature, film, music and science will also be explored, highlighting the Moon’s capacity to engender creativity and inquiry. 

Geelong Gallery senior curator Lisa Sullivan joined us for a wander through the exhibition where we meet artist Felicty Spear to talk us through her work that features in this exciting exhibition.

Listen to the full podcast below.


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